PermaCarb ™

PermaCarb™ is a highly stable sialic acid derivative which can be conjugated to a glycan of choice via an enzyme mediated reaction during downstream processing in a scalable and compliant fashion. This corrects the glycosylation profile and underpins the development of next generation biologics through virtue of resistance to enzyme degradation and associated reduced rate of clearance.

Our stable glycan technology PermaCarb™ is designed to facilitate the creation of biotherapeutics which can be administered at lower doses and/or reduced frequency. The platform technology demonstrates a similar characterization and efficacy profile as the originator, providing both commercial and patient/healthcare benefits.

PermaCarb™ has been exemplified using market relevant biotherapeutics such as Follicle-Stimulating Hormone (FSH). The process requires the removal of endogenous sialic acid from the glycan structures followed by direct substitution with Glythera’s PermaCarb™ technology.

Benefits of using PermaCarb™

  • Highly stable to enzyme attack
  • Restoration of potency
  • Low immunogenic potential
  • Scalable manufacturing