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24th Annual meeting - Delegates ESACT-UKs

Date: 09/01/2014

Glythera Principal Scientist Jenny Thirlway will make a presentation on ESACT-UKs 24th Annual Meeting in 8-9 January 2014 at Nottingham Belfry (Q Hotels).

Based in the United Kingdom, ESACT-UK is a Society which promotes the communication of knowledge and experience between scientists and engineers whose work has a direct or indirect bearing on cell culture biotechnology and the products derived from it.

This meeting is an annual two-day scientific meeting that is held in January each year, and include additional workshops, seminars, and training courses that are arranged at intervals. This year the sessions will be about Upstream Processing, Downstream Processing and Formulation, Early Career Researchers, Stem cells and tissue engineering, New Technologies, Stem cells and tissue engineering and Novel therapeutics.

Please find more information at http://www.esactuk.org.uk/index.php/meetings/.